Integration of JigLibX into the project


1.- [DONE] Add JigLibX libraries and source code to the project
2.- Add a generic interface to manage the physics in Tomahawk (to make it easier to change to another physics library in the future)
3.- Implement this interface for JigLibX
4.- Add a XCollisionComponent (derived from XComponent) to add collision/physics support to the actors in Tomahawk
5.- Add to XEngine the code for:
 * Ticking the physics scene (Use threads so we can tick the scene while we are drawing it)
 * Syncronizing the location of the logic objects with the location of the physic objects (StaticMeshActors, InterpActors and DynamicActors)
 * Quering the collision scene (raycast tests)
6.- [MAYBE] Add a content loader to import collision geometry from content files (Collada?)
Closed Mar 11, 2009 at 9:14 PM by nolver