Player & Input Management


We need a propper way to detect players, allow "login" (annotate which player/s are playing and from which gamepad) and manage their input in a optimal way.
Current InputManager (that came from the previous iteration of the engine) lacks these features.
Once the login and input management is done, it's necesary to modify the imput handling in XUIScenes to make it work using gamepads for both PC & Xbox.
Closed Jan 29, 2009 at 8:46 PM by nolver
  • Player management is done via "PlayerManager" class. The Engine now supports a "disconnected" mode that requires no Games For Windows Live singin. Xbox requires a signed in player.
  • Input management is donde via "InputManager" class. It now works in colaboration with PlayerManager.
  • XUIScenes now uses these managers to handle input, and works with both keyboard and gamepads